switch back from logged in user to my own account

  • 10 March 2023
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if I am a system admin, and I go to users, log in as that user, is there a way to switch back to my user without having to log out and back in as myself?

6 replies

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Hi @mna10  I dont think we have any option for this expect Logout and Re login in own account, But I noticed after Publishing customization package, the user account will switched to original login account.


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Hi @mna10 

I have never been able to find a way to do that because once you log in as a user, you can not go back and login as admin (for example)


The help states that you can only sign in to a new user if you are not logged in already:

Gives you the ability to sign in to the system by using the credentials of the selected user. This button is available only if the selected user already exists in the database and you are not already signed in as the selected user.

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Hi @mna10 

I don’t think you can do that.  Great product idea suggestion.  Make sure to add it there and ask for others in the community to vote for it.


David Eichner, CPA

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Thank you all!

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Hi @mna10 Another thing I like to do when I need to be logged in as different users at the same time specially when testing access rights is use a different browser per user.

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Thanks @estebanperalta54, i will be doing a demo and will need to be in as multiple users, so thats a good point. as long as its not more than 3 users lol.


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