How to Optimize Speed in Local Instance

  • 6 January 2021
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Hello Acumatica Community,


I just started training in Acumatica University. I am running a local instance of 2020 R2 with Microsoft SQL Server Express. Everything seems to be working fine, but speeds on the local host are very slow. I have a brand new machine (i7 cpu, 16gb ram, SSD), but loading forms is still very slow.


I configured IIS with the default settings outlined in the installation guide. Does anyone have a recommended configuration to optimize speed on a local instance? I do not see any forum discussion related to this topic.


Also, is standard SQL Server recommended over SQL Server Express?




4 replies

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Its the database that is slowing everything down.

Get 2 more SSD drive and separate the data MDF and log LDF files on there own drives and it will speed up tremendously.   SSD are inexpensive like $50 for 250 GB.

1 - SSD OS

1 - SSD Database files.

1 - SSD Log files

Thanks Nelson.


Do you recommend Standard SQL Server over SQL Server Express? What did you use for Acumatica training?




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It doesn’t matter really, the limitation on Express is the size of the database which I believe is 10gb.

SQL Express will be fine for testing.

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Hi @abarney7288 ,

you can check out that article 

here is some webconfig value can help to speed up process like CompilePages ,  InstantiateAllCaches , DisableScheduleProcessor  , keep in mind this is just only for the local instance, please do not try it in the production one :D 


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