How to Configure Acumatica Payments to Automatically Generate a Payment Link

  • 19 September 2023
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Hi - we recently switched from Paya to Acumatica Payments/Fortis for our payment processor. With Paya, we could generate payment links automatically when the invoice is released. The team from Acumatica Payments said we could likely set up a business event to do this as well, but I’m not sure what all that would involve. 

Does anyone have experience setting this up themselves?


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Hi @nicolestanton Thats right, Paya has that feature to generate payment links automatically when the invoice is released. Business event is a common feature in Acumatica that can trigger an email notification based on the change of Invoice Status is changed to “Open’(Released).

Following are the steps to follow:

  1. Create a Business event for the Invoice and Memos screen (AR301000), as below:



  1. Associate the email notification to the Business Event to send email on release of Invoice.


  1. Create an email notification subscriber to the Business event, as below.




Note: you need to add the hyper link html code like <a href> ,,, for the Payment link in the email notification body.

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Hi @ChandraM - I appreciate you sending this over! However, this is an automation process to send the email itself. What I’m looking to do is to create an automation for the generation of the payment link using Fortis/Acumatica payments. The process right now is to go to the financial tab, click on Acupay in the Processing Center, then “Create Payment Link” in the action menu. I would think that if Paya could do it, Acumatica payments should be able to do it as well.


Do you know how to set that up? The screenshots they shared with me had me pulling from a screen that doesn’t exist in my Acumatica. 


What they sent… 
The options I have...


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Hi @nicolestanton were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi @Chris Hackett  - we upgraded to 23R2 and that is a feature that’s included now. When the invoice releases to Open status, a payment link is generated. Thanks for checking in!

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Any guidance on how to add the payment link and QR code to documents like the AR Invoice in 23R2?  I’m trying to add the QR and payment link to our customized Invoice form.

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Hi @fosterjeff01  - unfortunately I gave up on that. I was told by someone at Acumatica they would both be on there “automatically,” but that was not the case. Then I was told that one could be and not the other (I don’t recall which), when it was shown with both during the reveal of 23r2. 

We ended up putting the payment links in the email template that gets sent out after our terms customers pick up their products. 


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