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  • 16 December 2020
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Is there an easy way to disable the RELEASE button in Inventory Adjustments for a specific user? If not, how do you set a role for this? I have this role shared with many users, so I’m hoping not to make a duplicate role with this single field disabled in it if possible.


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@Michael Hansen hi Michael, I think the anwser is YES.  please take a look at “access rights by screen” screen.

Only it looks like to set the access right by role.
But as you said, you can set a specific role and assign this role to the user you woulde like to restrict. Does this sound OK?


BTW, Acumatica is also having a screen “access rights by user”
but I did not find a way to get the “released” button.

If you can work out on this way, can you let me know in a comment?


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Hi @Michael Hansen ,


We can disable the button by using role.  Please find the screenshot for reference.

Select the User Role and select the “View Only” Access Rights for the Release button.


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Perfect! As a note for others who may be following behind, if you explicitly set this permission, it will block that filed regardless of other roles who are using only inheritance. I had to go and explicitly set the Admin role to overwrite to allow this field as inheritance from Admin was being overwritten by the explicit VIEW ONLY call from the secondary role.

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Hi @Michael Hansen,

Great :) Thanks a lot, for confirming this.


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