Approval map for SO with Credit hold status

  • 4 January 2022
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Does anybody has the same issue in SO where the approval map for a status Credit hold is not applying correctly?

In the next screen, I’m using the status field validating the value “Credit Hold” but it doesn’t work:


And in the next screen, I’m using the Credit Hold Field to validate the approval but it doesn’t work neither:


Any thoughts?? Are someone having the same issue?




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8 replies

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I leave the answer of the support team they gave me.

Hi Rodrigo,

I reviewed the case and after further investigation found under help that approval for sales orders with credit hold status in not supported:

I think this is a very important feature and should be native in the Acumatica (other ERPs has it and our customer require it, too). So I submit an idea for anybody could vote for it to be included in the roadmap.


I’m having the same issue.  I also tried Customer → Customer Status -> Equals → Credit Hold.

it didn’t work.

My work around is to create an Automation Notification and in the condition check the status which sends the email to Accounting.

Next step is to disable the button only for a specific role.


Acumatica needs to fix!

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If you would like to vote for the idea Approval Map for Sales Orders in credit hold status, please go here:

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What is the best practice for setting up an approval process for Sales Orders on Credit Hold?  The process needs to include a notice to the person that is supposed to approve / release the credit hold, a notice to the the salesperson so he/she will process the order, etc.  I can find nothing in Accumatica that can help me with Credit Approval.

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Workaround: credit holds do not follow standard approval maps processes, but you can use business events to notify people when sales orders need attention because they are on credit hold.

Business Event: send email when Sales Order goes on credit hold

Note: for this to work, you need to select option to Hold Document on Failed Credit Check on the Order Types screen where Order Type = SO.


Example subscriber related to business event

Note: this example links to the Manage Credit Holds screen, but you can point to a specific sales order.

Note 2: create a separate subscriber to notify the salesperson / owner of the document.

Email that is sent

Limitation: this is useful if you only have a standard approval for all orders on Credit Hold. You can create different business events so different ‘approvers’ are notified depending on the contents of the Sales Order document, but you cannot limit which approver can change the credit hold status based on the contents of the Sales Order.

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@Doug Johnson

We created the event, email template, and subscriber.

All works perfectly.

But, how can we create a link to the specific document on credit hold or to the customer’s profile since this would be a variable link.


NOTE: The customer does not show up in the “Manage Credit Holds” processing screen. My assumption, would be that the customer did not appear in the processing screen because their profile is not on credit hold, the document is on credit hold. Thus, this processing screen is not helpful in this particular use case.

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Each document in Acumatica is referenced by a unique URL.

Within your email notification you can dynamically build the URL by replacing “SO” with “((Document.OrderNbr))” and “SO007346” with “((Document.OrderNbr))”.


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@Doug Johnson this will work, thank you!


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