Why does an item with ID C-A892:MD change to C-A892-MD when exported to BigCommerce?

  • 21 March 2022
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We are having problems with exporting template items that have never been synchronised before. 

e.g. The item on Acumatica is called C-A892:MD with a : between the Template ID (C-A892) and the SKU code (MD). When it gets created in BigCommerce it is created as C-A892-MD which doesn’t match and gives an error on the export sync ( "The synchronization could not be completed because variant items do not match the 7386 product in BigCommerce.")

Is there any way to get around this other than manually going into BigCommerce after the sync fails and changing it before resyncing?

Thanks for any advice, even if it’s just that we have to manually do it and there is no way around it.


4 replies

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@ppowell it is a bit hard to advise here on what is wrong. Could you please create a support case with Acumatica, as we would need to review settings and the error details.

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@ppowell like Sergey said please create a case with Acumatica support but I was to confirm with you that the inventory C-A892:MD in Acumatica will not be converted to C-A892-MD in BC. I just tested it. Please see below screenshots. When I look at the error message it looks like the variants in Acumatica does not match with Shopify. Example the Variants options/Attributes in Acumatica does not match with Shopify Variant options. 



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Thanks for the advice.  I’m not sure what is happening here but we will raise it as a case as suggested.



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Hi @ppowell were you able to resolve your issue? Thank you!


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