Voided payments in Shopify vs Refunds

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We are trying to understand the how the refund integration works in Shopify and why we are getting “voided payments” created instead of “customer refunds.”

Our Shopify website is setup to capture payments at the sale. When we go to refund an order, we start the process through Shopify and hit the refund button (picture attached) and then we let the integration build the refund. Instead of creating a “customer refund” (which we think we want), the integration has been creating voided payments. 

What is the logic for how this integration is supposed to work and is there something we can do to have the integration create customer refunds instead?




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Hi @brendan91 :

Thank you so much for your question.

In regards to your question about refund integration, yes we create customer refunds payments for refund orders. However, we create type of refund payment in Acumatica based upon the kind of refund payment transaction created in Shopify API.

So, in short, if the kind of transaction created in Shopify is Refund, we create the customer refund transaction for refunds and if the kind of transaction created in Shopify is Void, we create void payment. 


In regards to your specific issue, I see in the screenshot, that the order is paid but not fulfilled. So, it means that the order has not been shipped yet, correct? It should have created a customer refund payment.

To understand better the issue, I would really appreciate, if possible, to please get the order JSON so we can check what kind of transaction Shopify created for the refund.    


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I have sent you the JSON for an order through private chat. Thanks!

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I really appreciate your help on the JSON. I will look into this and get back to you by Monday. 

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Hi @brendan91:

I checked the JSON and see the order was fully refunded in Shopify.

To clarify the behavior for orders: 

  • The voided payments get created in Acumatica when the open sales order with payment captured (card payment), is fully refunded in Shopify. 
  • If the order was partially refunded, we create customer refund payment in Acumatica for the partial return payment.  

Since the order was fully refunded, you see voided payment for the order.

Would there be a specific reason for creating customer refunds for this order?


Yes we would need a customer refund to clear the transactions from the clearing account in Acumatica to match our bank deposits..

It is about timing.

If it is in the same day (same Shopify batch) the voided payment works because it is a wash financially. In this scenario ideally we go into Shopify and “cancel” the order within a couple hours of order being placed. A voided payment created in Acumatica would work.

Mostly though an order comes in then is refunded the next day or several days later (after a weekend) before it ships. In these we need the customer refund.  We receive Shopify payment batches daily to our bank. We match transactions in our Acumatica Shopify clearing account to match the daily batch received at our bank. In this scenario ideally we go into Shopify and “refund” the order and a customer refund would be created in Acumatica

We definitely need a customer refund created in Acumatica if the order has shipped.


FYI: at some point with one of the recent Shopify Integration updates something changed.  Customer refunds used to be generated when we selected refund in Shopify

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@gretchen85 When you go to your voided Payment, Card Processing tab, do you use a line with Tran.Type Refund or Void with Proc.Center tran.Nbr that matches your transaction number in the Payment Processor? If yes, could you match your transaction with it for reconciliation purpose? 

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Hi @KarthikGajendran,

Those fields populate for payments, but not for voided payments. I’ve spoken with Gretchen and she has never used those fields for reconciliation.

I know very little about this part of Acumatica, so I’m struggling with problem solving this with Gretchen, but it sounds like we are doing things differently than how the system was intended to be used. We started with the Kensium integration, and it worked OK. With this new integration, our work flow logic may be off and that may be the underlying problem here.

 Is it possible to get somebody from your team on a phone/skype call or start an email dialogue? We can show you how we are currently doing things and perhaps we can get some guidance on how we can make this easier for us?

Thank you very much for your help!


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@brendan91 Even for voided payments you should see card processing info. See below attached screenshot. I did the same as your case. When fully refunded, the system created void payment. 

Regarding, the phone call. You should either contact your partner/PAM and they will redirect you to implementation team who will be able to help you. And if required they could include me in the call. 


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Okay, thank you team! We will reach out to our partner to get in touch with the implementation team


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