Shopify Refund(RC) with Discount Item syncing into Acumatica with INCORRECT and Full Price Item

  • 4 April 2024
  • 1 reply

Version 2023 R2: 23.208.0026

  1. Created an Order in Shopify with a Manual Discount
  2. Successfully synced the Discounted Order from Shopify into Acumatica
  3. Successfully completed the Order/Payment process for the discounted order in Acumatica

Now the next step is the error

  1. Issue a refund in Shopify of the Discounted Order
  2. Process the refund Discounted Order into Acumatica
  3. Error: The Discounted Refund Order is pulling the full price $ and not the Discounted Price

The Refund Entity is pulling the full price of the item and not the Disc

Why is the Full Price syncing into Acumatica and NOT the Discounted Price?


In the build below under the Retail-Commerce section it mentions that this has been fixed but I’m still running into this error

Update 16 Build 23.116.0019 release notes (2024-03-15):

Update 16 Release Notes

Retail-Commerce AC-294136: A Shopify sales order with line item discounts had been imported with its payment to Acumatica ERP, then was completed in Acumatica ERP and set as Fulfilled in the Shopify store. The Show Discounts As box on the Order Settings tab of the Shopify Stores (BC201010) form was set to Document Discounts. When such an order was partially refunded in Shopify with the Quantity of the shipped items included in the refund, and then the refund was imported to Acumatica ERP, the commerce connector did not apply the correct discount amount on the Discounts tab of the Sales Orders (SO301000) form for the created Return for Credit (RC) order.

1 reply

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Hi @jakejuricich05:

This issue has been fixed in 23R2 update 11. Could you please upgrade to the version and check if the issue still exists?


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