Shopify API versioning and Acumatica Compatibility

  • 18 February 2022
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Shopify updates it’s API frequently. They give their users 1 year notice when breaking API changes are coming which will impact any integrated apps with Shopify. This means that Shopify users must ensure their integrated apps (including Acumatica) are updated to utilize these new API changes.

Acumatica requires customers to upgrade every 18 months as we support 3 major versions of Acumatica, concurrently. However, it’s important that customers using the Shopify connector upgrade once per year to stay current with the Shopify API. This will ensure they avoid connectivity interruption.

Below is a compatibility chart showing the Shopify API changes and the version(s) of Acumatica which support these changes. Following this chart will ensure the sustainability and reliability of the Shopify connector.

To ensure we keep our ecosystem healthy, Acumatica updates the Shopify connector with latest stable Shopify API version, semiannually.


The continued support of the changes in the Shopify API versions, the following changes were added:


Shopify API
Acumatica changes affected versions Shopify Release Notes and
Changes in the Acumatica connector


by Shopify

Jan 1, 2025

2022R2 Update 22 or later

2023R1 Update 15 or later

2023R2 Update 9 or later

2024R1 Update 1 or later

Shopify Release Notes

Changes in the Connector

  1. Added a new field "CurrentQuantity" to the API object OrderLineItem.


by Shopify

Oct 1, 2024

2022R2 Update 20 to 2022R2 Update 21

2023R1 Update 13 or later

2023R2 Update 4 or later

Shopify Release Notes

Changes in the Connector

  1. Converted OrderData.CancelReason to string
  2. Converted FulfillmentData.ShipmentStatus to string
  3. New property have been added to OrderCancelReason
    • Staff



by Shopify

July 1, 2024

2022R1 Update 24 or later

2022R2 Update 17 to 2022R2 Update 19

2023R1 Update 10 to 2023R1 Update 12

2023R2 Update 2 to2023R2 Update 3

Shopify Release Notes

Changes in the Connector


  1. New property have been added to OrderDiscountAllocation
    • discount_class
  2. New property have been added to OrderData
    • po_number



by Shopify

April 1, 2024

2022R1 Update 22 to 2022R1 Update 23

2022R2 Update 15 to 2022R2 Update 16

2023R1 Update 6 to 2023R1 Update 9

2023R2 to 2023R2 Update 1

Shopify Release Notes

Changes in the Connector


  1. The following properties have been deprecated from the OrderData
    • ​​gateway
    • payment_details
    • processing_method
  2. New properties have been added OrderData to accommodate Additional fees fields Shopify changes
    • CurrentTotalAdditionalFeesSet
    • OriginalTotalAdditionalFeesSet
  3. New property have been added OrderTransaction to accommodate Shopify changes for Transaction - total_unsettled_set:
    • AmountToCapture



Shopify ended
support on

Jan 1, 2024

2021R2 Update 22 or later

2022R1 Update 19 to 2022R1 Update 21

2022R2 Update 11 to 2022R2 Update 14

2023R1 Update 1 to 2023R1 Update 5

Shopify Release Notes

Changes in the Connector


  1. Add a field to Shopify Store Settings that will show the Active Shopify API versions used.
  2. New properties have been added to the PaymentDetails to accommodate payment_details property changes on Shopify: New fields:
    • CreditCardName
    • CreditCardWallet
    • CreditCardExpYear
    • CreditCardExpMonth
  3. New property have been added to OrderTransaction 
    • PaymentID
  4. New property have been added to StoreData
    • TransactionalSmsDissabled
  5. New property have been added to OrderData 
    • MerchantRecordAppId
  6. OriginLocation  property is deprecated on OrderLineItem. Consider using FulfillmentOrder.assigned_location_id instead.




No Longer Supported by Shopify

2021R1 Update 28 or later

2021R2 Update 19 to 2021R2 Update 21

2022R1 Update 15 to 2022R1 Update 18

2022R2 Update 5 to 2022R2 Update 10


Shopify Release Notes

Changes in the Connector




No Longer Supported by Shopify

2020R2 Update 21 to 2020R2 Update 22

2021R1 Update 18 to 2021R1 Update 27

2021R2 Update 6 to 2021R2 Update 18

2022R1 to 2022R1 Update 14

2022R2 to 2022R2 Update 4

Shopify Release Notes

Changes in the Connector


  • Changed ErrorCode from Enum to string to avoid conversion error if there is unknown value from external provider;
  • Log error before throw API exception
  • The new box displays the Shopify API version has been to the "Connection Settings" tab of the Shopify Stores (BC201010).
    • API Version




No Longer Supported by Shopify

2020R2 Update 13 to 2020R2 Update 20

2021R1 Update 8 to 2021r1 Update 18

2021R2 to 2021R2 Update 5

Shopify Release Notes

Changes in the Connector

  • The allocationMethod field on DiscountApplication for explicit discounts will now either be each, or across. The option for one has been removed
  • Following fields were added to the API objects:
    • Product: Product
    • Status Order: Currency Set, Discount Set, and Duties




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