Completing B2B Ecom orders partially, completion by seller, and resubmitting them in the B2B ECommerce store

  • 4 August 2022
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  • Requirements

  1. A company that runs Acumatica and B2B BigCommerce, wants to enable the customer to order in B2B BigCommerce customer specific products at customer specific prices as a temporary ECom order 

  1. The company gets the ECom order in Acumatica as a Sales Order 

  1. The company may change the item in the SO, may add an item (accessory, required cable, ..), may change the number of units in a Sales Order to finally complete the ECom Order which now has become a Sales Quote. 

  1. The company wants to submit that Sales Quote to the customer in B2B BigCommerce 

  1. The customer can check out the Sales Quote, accept it as a final ECom Order, and pay for it online 

  • Possible Solution 

  1. What is the best solution? 

  1. Can this be done in B2B BigCommerce? 

  1. If so, how can it be done? 

  1. If not, what is an alternative solution? 

  1. Transfer the sales quote to the Acumatica Customer Portal for the customer to check it out? Ugly process. 

  2. Does B2B Shopify Plus offer a better solution?

Thanks for your help.

Toon Six 

Working at a Fabric Rolls distributor which imports fabric rolls from China, and cuts the rolls as per customer specifications. The Fabric Rolls distributor wants to to enable the customer to order fabric rolls in B2B BigCommerce. The Fabric Rolls distributor needs to chose the right rolls from their stock to be cut per customer specifications.. The customer service person at the Fabric Rolls distributor will select the right rolls for cutting, and submit the sales quote to the customer. It would be nice if the sales quote can be displayed in B2B BigCommerce, where the customer can accept it and pay for it. 

This process is very typical in B2B Ecommerce. Any suggestions? Adding a sales configurator in B2B BigCommerce would help the customer a lot towards final completion of the ECom order. Does such a sales configurator exist?

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