BigCommerce: delayed credit card payment processing

  • 6 August 2021
  • 4 replies

Hello. Our customer wants to use the “verify & store” method when capturing the credit card orders in BigCommerce, which means they don’t charge the credit card until they are ready to ship the order. This could be a week later, or a month later if they need to order the stock.

Does the 2021R1 BigCommerce connector support this scenario, and if yes, how to set it up?
How can we “tell” BigCommerce to charge the credit card and take payment when we are ready to pick and pack the order in Acumatica?

We have talked to BigCommerce, they say their API does support such delayed payment processing.


4 replies

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Hi @NickB  please check this help article


It shows how to configure BigCommerce to Authorize cards only, and Acumatica can Capture the payment later.

Please note that some of the Pre-Authorized transactions may be expired and it will require re-authorization.

Thank you, @smarenich. Is it possible for the payment status to sync back to BC after Acumatica Captures the payment? It doesn’t seem to be doing it (we assume it has something to do with the fact that the Payment sync is “Import” only), so it stays in BC in the “Capture funds” status. Do we call this endpoint at any stage?

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Hi @NickB here the process is a bit more complicated.

In short, BigCommerce and Acumatica both have integrations with Authorize.Net, but it is working independently from each other.

If BigCommerce captures the payment, it won’t inform Acumatica about it, as it calls Auth.Net API directly. However Acumatica has a validation mechanism to correct such stalled payments.

If Acumatica captures the payment, it calls Auth.Net API directly too, without informing BigCommerce about the capture too, however BigCommerce does not have a validation mechanism and does not allow to change payment status. If we call after the payment captured (already) it will throw an error. BigCommerce does not expect that payment can be captured outside of BigCommerce and does thorw an error.

We have escalated this problem to BigCommerce, but unfortunately, so far there is no ready solution.


The other way for us is to develop the Payment Plugin to BigCommerce (not Auth.Net) this will solve the problem, but so far this item is not planned for mid/short terms development.

Thanks for your responses, @smarenich . Do you have any workaround in mind for the business process I described in my initial question?
For example, can we let BC fully manage the payment but separate it in time? 
Is it possible to create a little customisation that would call that API when the shipment status changes in Acumatica (or just by pressing a button) and “tell” BC to capture the funds? We spoke to BC yesterday, this seems to be a viable solution from their viewpoint-- is this something that your Plugin could do?


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