Visible Expression works for field, but not section

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I’m trying to build two ‘alternate’ sections:

  1. Limited space that only shows “Continued” (if the details extend beyond one page)
    1. Visible expr: =([PageIndex]<[PageCount]-1)
  2. Larger space that shows the full subtotals (intentionally the second-to-last page for terms & conditions at the end)
    1. =([PageIndex]=[PageCount]-1)

If I apply the visible expressions to the group, it does not appear on any page.

If I apply the visible expressions to the individual fields, it appears as-anticipated (though this defeats the purpose).


Additional information:

  1. The ProcessOrder is Always in both scenarios
  2. The PageIndex and PageCount are definitely calculating in both scenarios
  3. Both are GroupFooters that are setup to PrintOnEveryPage (with the above exceptions, if I can get them to work)

Any ideas? Suggestions?


Best answer by kdavis45 30 May 2023, 17:25

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Could you verify if page 1 has a page index of 0 or 1?

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@darylbowman Based on my testing, page 1 = page index 1.

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I did some additional testing and found that this is limited to the group header and footer sections.


Thankfully this client is printing one document per report, so I used the page headers and footers to get their desired result.

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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @kdavis45 !


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