Stock Item label for thermal printer, does anyone have a nice one?

  • 19 April 2022
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I have been struggling for quite a while to format a stock item label that looks good, and I’m not have much luck in Report Designer.

I’m trying to get close to something like this:

This is what the customer is currently using. I think the size is ~1.75x3”

I have tried to recreate this in Report Designer but can’t come close.



Best answer by Yuri Karpenko 23 April 2022, 01:06

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4 replies

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Hi @donnadeskins55 

Sadly Report Designer doesn’t allow us to rotate text but other than that, you should be able to get a label that is very close to the one you are trying to recreated.

What areas are you having a problem with?

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@Yuri Karpenko any thoughts?

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@Yuri Karpenko any thoughts?

I agree with Sarah, that we cannot rotate text in the Report Designer. Also, I see how this could be hard to do because of tight spacing between the barcode and the inventory ID - the Report Designer struggles a little but with that. The logo shouldn’t be an issue - just save the file in the appropriate size and upload to the report (don’t use the logo uploaded to the Branches or Companies screen).

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Hi @donnadeskins55 have you been able to resolve your issue? Thank you!


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