Show 0's in ARM report rows instead of blanks

  • 28 December 2023
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In ARM report, if the data source for a row has no activity, the row shows blank. I need it to show ‘0’


I tried the IsNull formula. This works if I have no accounts in the data source, but if I have accounts selected with no activity in the period, it still shows blank. So it’s looking at the data source rather than the result/activity. Anyone know how this might be accomplished?

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Best answer by Robert Sternberg 28 December 2023, 23:32

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5 replies

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To clarify, row 0120 shows ‘0’ in the result because I have no account in data source. 0125 is still blank because I have account 40000 selected. Need 0125 to show ‘0’

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Hello @jhouser ,

Hide Zero setting in Row and/or Column controls whether you see null or ‘0’. Have you already checked this setting?


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Another option would be to set your format to #.##0.00 which will show a zero or a number.  This is typically placed in your column set rather than your row set for better control. 


Why #.##0.00?

  • # placeholders are used for optional digits. They display a digit if it is present, but do not display extra zeros if the digit is not there.
  • 0 placeholders ensure that a digit is always displayed, even if it's a zero. This is useful for ensuring consistent decimal places.
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@Laura02 My understanding/experience is that Hide Zero checkbox will hide row if the result is 0. That’s not what we’re looking for. We want empty results (no activity for period, so blank result) to show a ‘0’. But please correct me if I’m wrong. :) 

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@Robert Sternberg Thanks for your help!


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