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  • 7 April 2021
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Has anyone been able to take the shipment (or another similar transaction) created date/time field and only display the time? I was able to use the CRCase table trick to get the date column to display the date and time, but the client would like the time in a separate column. When I try to take the right most characters from the field, it displays the time in UTC time instead of our current time zone like the date/time field displays .


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3 replies

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@hayleehicks18 not very elegant but that works:


It will display time in 24H format. 12H display could be achieved with an IIF Statement:

=IIF(HOUR([SOShipment.CreatedDateTime])<=12,PADLEFT(CSTR(HOUR([SOShipment.CreatedDateTime])),2,'0')+'h'+PADLEFT(CSTR(MINUTE([SOShipment.CreatedDateTime])),2,'0')+ ' AM',PADLEFT(CSTR(HOUR([SOShipment.CreatedDateTime])-12),2,'0')+'h'+PADLEFT(CSTR(MINUTE([SOShipment.CreatedDateTime])),2,'0')+ ' PM')


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@Gabriel Michaud Hi Gabriel! Thanks for the response. Do you know how I could get it to display in the same time zone conversion as the created on displays? The formula displays the time in UTC time. Also daylight savings may be a factor here. See below. Thanks for your help!



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No easy way i’m afraid. It would be great if Acumatica simply exposed the time as an extra field, just like you can get the hour by appending _Hour to the field name: SOShipment.CreatedDateTime_Hour 

Two possible options:

Option 1: just shift the hour manually by adding/subtracting from the UTC time. This will not take care of daylight savings or users in different time zones

Option 2: through customization create a field with a special attribute that takes care of the formatting; you would then be able to use this field as schema field in any GI


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