Adding Backordered Items to Invoice

  • 8 December 2020
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Does anyone have any ideas on how to add backordered items to an Invoice? These would be zero dollar lines for visibility purposes only.

We have the Add Zero Lines for Items Not in Stock checkbox checked on the Sales Orders Preferences (SO101000) screen so we get the following behavior:


1. Create a Sales Order where the first 2 lines are available, but the 3rd line is not available:


2. Create a Shipment and all three lines are carried onto the Shipment, even though the 3rd line is not shipped:


3. Create an Invoice and only the first two lines are carried over. The 3rd line disappears since it didn’t ship:


6 replies

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Hi @timrodman,


I’ve seen what you’re looking for in a prior implementation; the backordered items are added as a subreport at the end of the invoice, and we simply look at open items in the SO Order:

Send me a private message and i’ll share with you.

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→ Created an order with 3 line items (Stock available for 1st and 2nd line items, but for 3rd product)

→ Created the Shipment, Confirmed the Shipment and Prepared the Invoice, then Invoice is created for 2 line items since 3rd product not yet shipped.



→ In new tab, Released Inventory Receipt for 3rd product

→ Navigated to Sales Order and create, confirm the shipment for 3rd line item

→ Navigated to Same invoice which is in Balanced Status with 2 line items, click on Add Order, this time new Shipment number shown on the popup. Select the Shipment and click on Add & Close

→ 3rd line item is added to the Same invoice.


Hope this address the question.


Best Regards,


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Hi @timrodman 

You may explore this option. I have not tried the complete process yet.

  • Create a GI to pull the backorder line with zero quantity  from Shipment with Invoice number using SOShipLine and SOOrderShipment table/DAC.
  • Create an import scenario to insert line to an invoice
  • Set business event using above GI and to trigger the import scenario using GI output
  • Business event should insert the item and description with zero quantity to the invoice using the import scenario
  • As I have not tested this yet, the Stock item code and description may be added as description line, as one may not be able to add the Stock item directly on Invoice in this case.
  • Since the information is required for visibility only, inserting a description line with Stock item code and description, quantity may help

Hope this may help,



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Thanks @Gabriel Michaud. A Subreport is a good idea. My only concern is if it handles page breaks well. The last time I tried a Subreport across a page break, it got cutoff. If your solution handles page breaks, I’d love to see it. I’ll PM you.

Thanks @balakrishnak12 for the idea with screenshots. Unfortunately it won’t work for me because the Invoice needs to go out before the the 3rd line is received.

The 3rd line can be added, but the quantity would need to show as 0.  When you process the shipment to invoice there is an option to “Add SO line” (on 2020R2 anyways).  You can add the line from the original Sales Order, however I believe Acumatica will still try to create a shipment if there is a qty there.  We have used this just to show there was items not shipped with the order. 

I have just come across a client who requires this and have solved it for the time being by adding a subreport, which isn’t ideal. It’s baffling to me that Acumatica doesn’t already support this, as it is common in distribution companies. I will add it as an Idea in the Ideas area.


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