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  • 10 July 2024
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We are having some internal issues regarding timecards approval status. Our approval status itself works fine, but once the employees time is approved, we would like to limit the possibilities to put the actual timecard to hold status. 


Our final step in the approval process is the finance department, and once the timecard is approved, we would like to disable the hold button, exccept for members from a specific group in our company tree. 


Is that possible?


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2 replies

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Hi @marcandrematte 

I’m assuming you’re talking about EP305000 Employee Time Cards screen.

Approval pipeline on this screen is created using Workflows. You can change its configuration by creating a customization where you make adjustment to the standard flow.

I prefer to do it programmatically, however, it is also possible to do through Workflows UI engine.

Here is the guide how to use it at the Acumatica Help.

You’ll need to change FlowState configuration for the desired Status to include the command to disable the Hold button.

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@marcandrematte i dont believe there is a way to have the system disable a button at a certain point in the process.  I believe the only option would be to disable the on hold button altogether for those employees otherwise a customization would be needed to modify the native functionality. 

however, I’ve done something similar for a client of mine where we created a specific role that allowed access to the “hold” button and disabled it for all other users.  I used a combination of user roles and access rights by screen to accomplish this.  I am not sure if disabling the button altogether is something that would fit your business needs but the timecards start on the on hold status by default so this could be an option!




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