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  • 18 December 2020
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We utilize several unions with our payroll, but have one that uses a multiplier on each of its deductions and fringes (each of which are based on hours).  We have tested the deduction and benefit using regular only, regular and OT, and total earnings, which are all the options.  These all treat all hours at the same rate.  Does anyone else use multipliers for overtime and double time hours for unions?  And if so, how are you making that calculate correctly?


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4 replies

We do not currently have a weighted amount per hour, that would take the overtime multiplier of the earning type for calculation of the deductions & benefits. However, you should be able to achieve your requirement by using percent of gross and calculating what is the percentage from your amount per hour.

E.I. if the benefit is 0.70$/h and the pay rate is 20$/h, it will be 3.5% (0.7/20). If the benefit rate at 0.70$/h but the pay rate of a different labor item is 28$/h, the benefit rate will now be 2.5% (0.70 / 28). Because union wages are standardized by labor item, you should be able to configure the right rate for each labor item.



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We also have a customer with the same issue  We need to setup Union Vacation that is paid to the Employee, Taxed and then Deducted from the Employee and multiply by the Overtime Factor.
For example the employee may get $4 / hour for Vacation but if they work OT (1.5) they would get $4*1.5 = $6 per hour. We have to calculate this for both the Pay & Deduction.

We were advised by Acumatica the following:

Acumatica doesn't support this scenario, unfortunately. Engineering team has plans to implement multipliers for union vacations, but currently this very rare case with equal multipliers for OT and DT is not covered in their specfication. I have reported this issue to RnD and asked them to consider the client's scenario for their future implementation.

We have entered an enhancement request so please vote for this if you use Unions.


@cbashir15, the workaround I provided under this post addresses the scenario you are describing. What you communicated to support earlier was that you needed to have the same vacation multiplier (1.5x) for both regular overtime (1.5x the hourly rate)  and double time (2x the hourly rate), which isn’t a scenario we support at the moment. 

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Thanks @pbellefeuille for the workaround above.  I think we are going to need to use it as well.  I was wondering if you or anyone else knows the best way to extend the number of decimal places the % can be on the union local screen.  We are running into rounding issues that will be a problem for us with only 2 digits.  I get an error when I try to update the DAC Field alone.




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