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Acumatica will offer the Controlled Release of Payroll in Canada beginning with the 2023 R1 release coming in April. The initial release of Acumatica Payroll will support:

  • Federal and Provincial Tax Calculations
    • T4 and RL1 tax forms (T4 summary and RL1 available in 2023 R1)
    • PD7A remittance validation report for CRA (2023 R1)
  • Record of Employment
  • Final Paycheck
  • Canadian Specific features
    • Paid Time Off calculations
    • Deduction and Benefits calculations 
  • Payroll related features
    • EFT (via Canada localization)
    • T5018 (improvements in 2023 R1, ability to separate goods/services in 2024 R1)

The following features will be supported in a future release:

  • Multiple base currencies. Customers who want to run both US and Canada payroll need to implement 2 separate tenants
  • PTO enhancements
  • T4A (AP report)

The table below outlines the stages and timelines of the rollout.

Stage Tentative Date(s) Information/Activities
Acumatica Demonstrations July 2022

Acumatica supervised demos using a preview version of 2022 R2. Available features to demonstrate include: payroll processing, tax calculations, Paid Time Off, final paycheck, Record of Employment XML file.

Partner Demonstrations &

Customer Prep

Aug-Dec 2022

Using 2022 R2, partners can perform demos showing the features above plus T4 (initial version) and EFT file creation.

Beginning in November, a limited number of early adopter customers can create sandboxes to perform parallel testing with an existing payroll solution.

Managed Availability Jan-March 2023 After successful parallel testing, early adopters and a limited number of select customers go live on 2022 R2 (GA).
Controlled Release April 2023 2023 R1 GA begins the controlled release. We may limit implementations in this phase so customers receive the support and implementation excellence expected as part of the Acumatica experience. 
General Availability Mid 2023 Canadian Payroll becomes generally available to Canadian customers.


Subscribe to this page for specific dates of activities and updates on features.

Partners please enter a Pre-Sales Support case to schedule a demonstration for your clients.

Overview video of Canada Payroll:

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Good news!

The Province of Quebec. RL1 and support for Quebec will be added in 2023

Do the Commission of Construction of Quebec (CCQ) will be implemented?

Do you know when it will be available for Quebec ?

We will have our Golive in 1 march 2023 so we dont want to invest cost and time in order to integrate Nethris for few months only


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@michaelkurtz26 Will it support all payroll taxes in the territories as well (Nunavut, NWT and Yukon?)

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@raphrf  we are planning to implement RL1 for 2023 R1. The CCQ report will not be available until a future date. As a workaround, the information from the CCQ report can be obtained from Union reports and then filed manually.

@meganfriesen37 I am not familiar with payroll taxes in these territories, but we submit the employee’s address and a work location to a tax calculation service that is designed to cover all provinces (outside Quebec).

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@michaelkurtz26 @Doug Johnson 

I used to work for a company with many companies in the group, different year ends and multi currency. The hugs Acumatica advantage over other ERPs that we reviewed was capability to have all these features together in one tenant. It is very important because it eliminates the pain of maintaining multiple master records in multiple tenants. Now by forcing users to have multiple tenants for CA & US payroll, you are taking Acumatica’s advantage and leverage away. This is a huge step backward and you need to fix this.

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@michaelkurtz26 @Doug Johnson 

As an indication of its importance you can look at some payroll services like ADP. They used to have clients have 2 tenants for CA and US and now they are migrating CA to US platform to have  all payrolls centralized 

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@aaghaei the ability to run Canadian and US payroll in a single tenant is on our roadmap. As this is a somewhat complex task, we cannot provide a scheduled delivery date. I would not expect to see it until 2024 or later.

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@Doug Johnson thanks for the insight. I would not and didn’t say it’s an easy task. I just shared my thoughts about the importance of sticking to single tenant because of maintenance load that multi tenant poses to your clients specially on keeping master records synced and impact on the inter-company transactions.

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Canadian Partners and Customers. We added a controlled release phase to our rollout plans. Due to strong demand, we may limit implementations so we do not over-extend our internal implementation and support resources. This ensures that we can continue innovating and deliver product improvements in the 2023 R2 release.

Hi Doug, how do we get on the controlled release?  We have at least two customers that are very eager to get on this.  

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@smichael Thanks for asking. Start the process by filling out a presales support case.

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Hi do you have news about the canadian payroll? is it released? Do you have customer who test it in Quebec? Thanks

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@raphrf Canadian Payroll is included in 2023 R1. We have customers using Canadian payroll now and the solution works for Quebec, but we do not have any Quebec customers who are live yet.

If you are planning to implement customers, please let us know ahead of time via a presales support case so we can plan our implementation and support resources. 

Will the T4 Summary (T4SUM) be released in 2023R2? This XML return must be filed with Employee T4 Slips.

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Will the T4 Summary (T4SUM) be released in 2023R2? This XML return must be filed with Employee T4 Slips.

The T4 Summary is part of the XML file is created so that you can electronically file your T4s with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  At this time, a T-4 Summary that you can print and retain for your records is not available.  It will be part of a future release.



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Is it already available for Canadian customers??


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