manufacturing production order automatically backflush and completed upon shipping?

  • 8 January 2022
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Here is the environment:

  1. sales order (SO1) is created, auto generate production ticket AM001 ( BOM is set up to backflush labor and materials)
  2. shipping entry to ship SO1

how can we auto complete AM001 upon step 2 shipping entry to ship out SO1?

Many thanks



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This is currently not a possibility in the system without a customization. The issue is that if you don’t have the inventory, you need some way to generate the backflushed transactions. Depending on what you are doing, you could potentially use non-stock kits (assuming it is pulling items, no action required. This would eliminate your need for a bom, and allow you to just print the pick list.  You can complete the AM001 by doing a move on the final operation, and it will complete all previous steps.

Out of curiosity, why are you trying to generate a production order and then immediately close it? It seems like you are skipping the entire production process. 

I just proposed the following as an idea to be able to process moves from a move screen: 


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hi Jeremyd,

the production order is created upon creating sales order say, on day1. (could be multiple productions orders if more than 1 line in the sales order)

on day 10, we ship to customers, upon shipping, we want the production order completed triggered by shipping. 


in between day 1 and day10, we have subassemblies production orders here and there..

all parts are stock items with actions required on the subassemblies.. 

thank you 



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Understood. Out of the box, the system is designed to specifically NOT do what you are asking to ensure that you have the proper controls in place to ensure product availability.  If you have the shipping step complete the production order, how does it know that it is really done? There are no inputs or check points to ensure that it was done correctly. What is to say because it takes you 10 days to get a a production order done, it can’t create one and ship it immediately? 

Real life example: 

Sales order calls for selling 10 widgets. you have 9 on hand.

Autogenerate production order for 1 item. Making that item takes 3 days.

  • Shipping on day 2 decides that they want to ship the 9 and backorder the one. What happens to that one on the production order? Does shipping close the production order? Is it allocated to that one? What is the trigger to close the production order. The part isn’t ready to be shipped. 

In the same example, shipping decides they don’t care about production and want to ship all 10.

  • If the items are set up to backflush, then it will pull all those items in
  • you now have a shipment for 10 items, but the production isn’t done. You are putting the cart before the horse.
  • What if something goes wrong and you don’t have that item to actually ship?
  • Where are the controls to prevent this from happening

Another example:

Its the end of the month and everyone wants to get their numbers up. you get a sales order for 10 items, but you only have 1. you auto generate the production order, but then immediately ship it in the system. You aren’t supposed to, but there is nothing preventing you from doing it. Now you have 9 items on a production order that is closed, but not finished and you have to go back in and figure out how to do the work.

To me it seems easier to complete the final step and follow the process than to take all of the stop points and verification out of the system, but that is just me.

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thank you Jeremy



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