Replacing SimpleScreen with GI in mobile

  • 1 December 2023
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I need to replace the Projects SimpleScreen in mobile app with the Projects primary list (HubFolder). 


Adding the Projects primary list worked, but SimpleScreen still shows up in the “Other” workspace, even if I uncheck the visible checkbox in Project workspace (where it originally was). How can I hide the SimpleScreen?


Attached is a screenshot of what I’m seeing in mobile. Below is screenshot of published customization code to remove PM301000, followed by code to add PM3010PL (same customization project). Stuck on where to go from here since removing didn’t work as hoped. 

Thanks in advance :) 





Best answer by Cesar Betances 11 December 2023, 22:13

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6 replies

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Have you removed it from the Menu (Main Menu)

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@dcomerford I didn’t… I’ve added GIs to the menu before, but never removed a SimpleScreen…

I just followed these steps To Remove a Screen of a Mobile App ( but it doesn’t include updating the menu. 

Do you know how I can do this? 

Below is code I used to add GI’s to the menu:



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@dcomerford So I tried the code below. PM301000 disappears from “Other”, but now the drilldown on PM3010PL (which I added) doesn’t work, nor does inserting new records. It errors. 



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@jhouser Just to be clear you have unticked the Expose to the Mobile application on the GI. As soon as you do that then it should disappear from the mobile app. 



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If you are just trying to remove the PM301000 from the Others section,  then on the mobile sitemap you can update the PM301000 screen and set visible false, see sample below:


update sitemap {

  update item "PM301000" {
    visible = False



Please do not remove the PM301000 if you are going to use this screen to open/edit the Project records. Instead set visible false in the menu to hide it from the Other (or any other) section.

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@Cesar Betances Worked like a charm, thanks for the guidence!


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