Is there a way to re-order drop-down list values

  • 14 February 2024
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I have a low-code customization that I creates a drop-down value list for the Stage of the Opportunities screen. (CR304000).
It works fine, except for one thing.
I need to reorder it if I add a new item.  We use numeric ID’s for the stages.  (see screenshot below)
I want to “insert” a new stage of “12 - Prequalified”, to this list.  And I can do that.  But it inserts the drop-down value as the last item in the list, and I want it to appear between the “10” and “15” in the value list.  How do I move or reorder those drop-down values using a low-code customization?

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@NetAdmin42  hi We can rewrite the dropdown without using code in Acumatica. We can modify the dropdown values in a row. We need to input values here,

and we can make changes.

I hope this helps you.



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@Sagar Greytrix, thank you.

I tried that, in that way, but I was not able to “insert” a line into that list.  I can “append” to that list, but not insert in-between selections.
So, what I did was the following.  Simply adding an ATTRIBUTE change to the DAC Extension.  That works, it is a bit cumbersome though.

[PXStringList(new string[] {"05", "10", "12", "15", "21", "22", "25", "30", "35","40","45","50","55","60","62","65","70"},
new string[] {"05 - Issued to Sales (Pipeline)", "10 - Attempting to Contact (Pipeline)","12 -  Prequalified (MCS Only)","15 - Survey/Qualification (Pipeline)", "21 - Sales Nurturing","22 - Working (Pipeline)","25 - Demo (Pipeline)","30 - Proposal (Pipeline)","35 - Short List (Pipeline)","40 - Verbal Agreement (Pipeline)","45 -  Contracts Prepared (Pipeline)","50 - No Decision","55 - Closed/Won","60 - Closed/Lost","62 - Not Qualified - No Response","65 - Not Qualified","70 - Back to Marketing"})]

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Thank you for sharing your solution wit the community @NetAdmin42!


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