Import Scenario: How to find and delete a row on the Stock Item>Cross-Reference screen

  • 20 December 2020
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I have a need to delete the Global cross-reference for many Stock Items in our system in order to get our Printed Forms to use the correct customer or vendor cross-reference (all cross-references appear in the Alternate ID field on the Sales Order and I can’t figure out how to get Report Designer to determine which is which without bringing tons of DACs).



I need to delete those Global one’s at the bottom.  Super simple to do manually.  I have an Excel sheet data provider with all the Stock ID’s, Aternate ID, and Alternate Type.  I’ve tried Keys, Custom Keys with @@ format, Line Number tricks.  The documentation says after finding the record with a key (tried both <Key: AlternateID> and <Key:AlternateType>), the summary Target Object must be selected to use the Action: Delete.


Unfortunately with most of the scenarios I’ve tried there isn’t a useful error message either.  Anyone have any tips on how to accomplish this.  I think a method that works would be useful in the future for other scenarios as well.


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Hello there,

You can use -2 to delete row from the grid.

Please find the mappings below and let me know if this suffice your need?





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Thank you balakrishnak12!! So much!! It worked almost perfect! One of my mistakes when I tried to use <Line Number> with a value of -2 was that I didn’t use the equal sign “=-2”.  You’ve made my morning! I gave up on similar Import Scenarios a few months ago, because I could not get this working.


Another undocumented ‘feature’ though that seems like basic functionality for Import Scenario creation.  I wish the documentation had a source-code like tracker where we could submit pull requests.


Thanks again!

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Ok so I have an issue along the same lines and have tried to duplicate the above but am working with Service orders and the Detail Grid. I do not have the choice of any key field for details except “External” and am not sure how to connect the dots to copy the above example.  Below is a screenshot of one of my attempts that does not work or give an error I can work with.  Would someone be so kind to look at the below screenshot and let me know how I might get this import to attempt to delete the lines in the GI Data Provider from Service Orders.  As with Noah’s example above this is very easy on the screen. 

Also if it has any relevance below is the problem I’m trying to solve.

When Appointments remove a service line it does not get removed from the attached Service orders.  Because of a customization Acumatica did for us this can be common and manually removing them every week is tedious.  My GI provider is filtering on Service Lines that are not complete on Service orders that have a completed appointment.  For our use case we have a 1 to 1 for Service Order to Appointments and techs have no view to the Service Orders.  In some cases when I try to remove a line it gives a red X and does not remove it because it is on an appointment which is fine and it does not create a dialog box so my thought is that I can then review them after this Import is run to investigate further why the lines are open on a completed Appointment.  


Thanks again for any help,





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Well I’m not sure how to remove my post but I was able to figure out how to get it working for anyone interested.  See the screenshot below.  I was over complicating it when I didn’t need a lookup of any kind on the detail except changing the system command to the line # I wanted to choose.  Interesting to note even though my GI feeding the Scenario was was pulling from the detail line table I found that I needed to convert the data to a number and subtract 1 from it.  I found the answer in the documentation stating the lines start at 0.  Must be some kind of conversion going on for the frontend to show the first detail line as 1 in the GUI when the backend sees it as 0.




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