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  • 28 October 2021
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I've setup a generic inquiry linking requests, employees & user tables.  The GI has 5 output fields (Request Order Number, Request Employee ID, Request Department ID, Employee AcctName & User Email).  I have verified that the GI generates all the proper output.

I then linked that GI to a business event with a Record Insert trigger.  I want this to trigger every time a new purchase request is submitted.  I have verified that the BE triggers properly when a new purchase request is submitted.

I then setup the BE to kick off an import scenario.  When I go to setup the import scenario, I only see 2 fields available as source fields (order number & description).  I have verified that the screen ID for my GI is the same screen ID as the provider for the import scenario.

The part I completely don't understand is that my GI doesn't include the description field.  The initial GI I created only had those 2 fields, but I added additional fields.  It is almost as if it has latched onto the first draft of the GI and isn’t seeing the updates I’ve made.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Kfarren29 Please create a new generic inquiry with slightly different name and verify. Let me know the results.


I created a new GI and the fields were all available in the import scenario.  The only thing that was different was 1) I gave it a new name and 2) I chose all fields (rather than selecting specific fields).


So do you think the system somehow has the original GI definition in some cache somewhere and is referencing that rather than the updated version?


I can easily re-build the GI.  But I am concerned that when I later need to add fields or conditions to the GI that the system won’t “see” those updates.  I guess the best bet is to include all fields so I don’t have to make any edits to the GI.


Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Kfarren29 ,  There is an awesome video is prepared by the @greggm (MVP) on Using a Generic Inquiry as a Import Data Provider.

This video will give us the great knowledge on GI import data provider, and hoping this will help you for your requirement!



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Sorry, I was mentioned other Gregg in my above comment, the above video is created by @gmercede (MVP)

I was not aware that at the time the import scenario was created, it also created a data provider.  I was assuming that the GI itself was the data provider.  That is why I was adding fields to the GI and they were not available in the import scenario.  I had not updated the data provider to reflect the new fields.


That is why when I re-created it from the start, they fields were there.  It is because that generated a new data provider with the new fields.


Thanks for all your help!

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@Kfarren29  Great :) Thanks for sharing the update.


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