How to save to each line in Import Bank Transaction using a Data Import?

  • 18 June 2021
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I have built an Import Scenario that should update the Ext. Ref. Nbr. per line in the Import Bank Transactions. I have a Generic Inquiry feeding the Import Scenario, but it will only update the first line in the list of 10. It updates using the last Trans Desc, so it is working it’s way through the list correctly, however it appears to be ignoring (ID) Tran ID. Could anyone suggest how to populate each line correctly?

Below is the screenshot of the Data Import Scenario.

When the Import Scenario is run this is what happens.


Nick Savage-Mady


Best answer by Nick Savage-Mady 25 June 2021, 00:30

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1 reply

I have figured it out, so I had to post this for syntax purposes and for future head-banging.

The trick to this screen, as mentioned before, is the ID (CABankTrans.TransID) field. This is the Primary for the table, but a few rules on how to use it for updates.

  • It is has to be included as the first field for Details
  • Untick Commit

I found this whilst re-reading Troubleshooting Performance in Import and Export Scenarios in the help. There is a section about what commit is used for and how to speed up scenarios. In short because it is a field that can't be updated, it doesn't need to be committed, only used for a look-up when updating. By default it is ticked, so I trusted the system on that front. Once unticked, hey presto!!

Glad I stayed committed to the finding the answer Smiley Wink


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