Voiding a quick check for an employee

  • 9 December 2021
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An ap quick check was produced for an employee as they were found as a vendor when the check was entered.  Which was kind of cool that you did not need to make up an employee and an employee vendor to reimburse out of payroll.

However, if you go in and try to void that quick check you get an error

EmployeeID 101087 cannot be found in the system.

note 101087 is part of the error as the employee id and not an error code

has anyone run into this issue. I have researched and cannot seem to find any issues beyond simple instructions to void a check


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5 replies

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Hi @ASarkisian35 

I tried the process on my demo instance on 2021r2 21.203 and it did work. I could create a Quick check > Release > Void Quick check > Release without any error. 
Employee has not been set separately as Vendor.

Voided Quick check 



So the first panel is the employee screen where the employee clearly shows

and when I pull up the quick check for this employee this is what I see, is there a dual setting somewhere

As I stated I was shocked when I went to put in the check thinking I would have a vendor record and it found the employee as the vendor.

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Hi @ASarkisian35 

Looks like the issue is more access related. 

Try this and let me know if this works :

  • Check the EmployeeID linked to the logged on user
  • On Employee profile for 101089, ‘Delegate’ tab, select above EmployeeID ( logged on user linked Employee ID)
  • Try void Quick check now

The Employee selected on Delegate can create Time card and Expense claim for the Employee. 

By default, an Employee is treated as a Vendor, and allows selecting them on AP bills and Checks. But, it wont allow one select an Employee vendor on Purchase orders. 




If I understand your instructions, the logged in user would be me but I am not entered as an employee, I am simply a user.  If that is the issue because I don’t find myself on the list, am I able to enter myself as an employee, complete the delegation, then void the check?  I am not a paid employee and therefore are not recorded as such.

Thanks a ton for your help thus far

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Hi @ASarkisian35 

An user has to be an employee  and meet the conditions mentioned on my previous post ( Delegate part or being on higher level workgroup on company tree), to be able to access other employees Expense claim linked documents or Time cards. 

Hope this helps,



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