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  • 14 March 2021
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Currently when viewing the Trial Balance (detailed) you can only view one financial period at a time.

It would be beter as accountant that I should be able to select start period and end period. So I could e.g. Say show the the Trial Balance and movement from 1 March 2020 to say 31 May 2020. The trail balance should therefore show the Opening balance as at 1 March 2020, the accumulated Debits and Credits for the period (3 months), and then the final closing balance as at 31 May 2020.

Currently we are limited to only obtaining a trial balance for one financial period at a time. It make analysis of financial results cumbersome to work with, and each financial period needs to be exported and then summed and grouped in excel… very time consuming unnecessarily so.



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Hi @Jp89,

I was going to sugest using the Accounts by Subaccount inquiry, but realized the same limitation exists there as well.

The two options that I see are:

  • Using ARM (Analytical Report Manager). Since it’s not possible to expand by *both* accounts and subaccounts you would need to list every natural GL accounts in a different row of the row set, and for each account using the Expand = “Sub” option to list all your subaccounts
  • If you’re a Velixo / Excel user, you can use the ACCOUNTSANDSUBACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY function to build something like this in a few seconds… there’s a blog post here explaining how to do it (look for “Does your company produce detailed balance reports by sub-account?”)



Thanks, Ill give that a try, but Im not a Velixo user.

Should, nonetheless, be a standard out-the-box- feature from an ERP solution!

We were wanting the same report as well. We had to pay for a consultant to create this report for us... 

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Shocked that this isn’t standard, out of the box report.  It seems like it would be supper common to need a trial balance for a quarter or a year to date to support financial reporting and other closing procedures.


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