RevisionID on the BudgetForecast screen wont appear on a GI

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We are using Velixo to create a report showing current percent complete and forecasting the percent complete per month till the end of the project.  The problem I have is when pulling the Budget Forecast into the spreadsheet I need the RevisionID of last update.  I have pulled that field into the GI but it wont show up.  It doesnt even show up, but its on the results grid.  Any idea how I could get this number to show?  


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Hi Michael,

I just created a test GI that returns the most recent forecast revision ID by project and I am able to retrieve it just fine from Excel:

I used the self-join trick that I described in this post to get the most recent revision based on the LastModifiedDateTime; if you want to look at the Revision ID instead you can just use a simple Group By with a MAX aggregate on the Revision ID.

In Excel, I would recommend using =GILOOKUP() instead of =GI() for this particular use case. You’ll first need to setup the keys in the Workbook Options like that:

Then, you can retrieve the most recent revision for a given project this way: =GILOOKUP("Demo", "ForecastLastRevision","Revision",<project or reference to a cell>). Here’s a sample in a real report:

Do not hesitate to reply to this or to contact if you need additional assistance with this request.

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Thank you Gabriel.  That worked perfectly.  I appreciate the attention.


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