Our Acumatica AR Customer Credit Balances are not correct. 

  • 14 September 2023
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Our Acumatica AR Customer Credit Balances are not correct. 



Customer 169523000 Vis****, has a $3000 credit limit, with a $69.30 Open Orders Balance, but then shows a -$6,260.70 Remaining Credit Limit. It then puts a Credit Hold on the Orders.


Screen AR.30.30.00, Financial.


Any idea where should I start looking? Workflows? Code? I am clueless. 



I also saw this message when just digging around. Not sure if has something to do with anything of this.


Please help.




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How many invoices are open for the customer on the AR Aging? In my example below, custoemr BAKER has $9000 open invoices → open invoices reduce available credit.

If open invoices don’t explain the negative available credit, please try Recalculate Customer Balances.

If the problem is not solved by recalculate:  If you have customizations, you may want to try Recalculate Customer Balances with customizations temporarily un-published.

Is the customer a Parent Customer or a Child Customer?  In the case of Parent/Child customers, Credit Policy may be shared: Acumatica will combine Invoices, Orders, etc. from multiple customers.

Please let us know what you find out.



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Hello Laura,

I appreciate you giving me a lot of insight in this problem, I had no idea where to start, so thank you so much for this, right now I realized that yes this customer has a parent account with some open invoices that add up to what this amount is reflecting. This was me not knowing how the system worked, now everything makes perfect sense.

This has resolved and clarified our problem. 

Very much appreciated.





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