How to configure payment receipts for Acumatica Payments

  • 29 January 2024
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To Configure Payment Receipts for Acumatica Payments  you’ll need three components:

  1. Payment Receipt report
  2. GI with the list of Payment Receipts to send
  3. Business event to send payment receipts once the payment is ready.

As for the Payment receipt report, you just need to configure it the way you need. You can do it using Reports designer, see more here:

 Here is an example I’ve created 


The next step is to create a GI that shows only payments that you’d like to automatically print the receipts for. E.g. you’ll need payments that only use CC payment method and that are released and processed.


And finally, you’ll need to create a business event that looks at the GI and creates a new email one the new record appears in the GI and set up Email notification for it




Once you have that set up, every new captured payment in the system will automatically generate an email with attached receipt form and send it to the email on the customer’s profile. 


Here I have an example customization containing all the pieces mentioned above. 

Feel free to take it and modify to your liking. 


6 replies

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Thank you for sharing this tip with the community @Dmitrii Naumov!

I’ve tried to use this customization but I keep encountering an error “Cannot resolve the table name: [PX.Objects.Common.DAC.ReportParameters.BAccountNoMask]” How do I correct this so I can use the receipt form?

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@leighandonian96 what version are you trying on? It should be there in 23r2

Build 23.112.0032

Is there a way for me to update the customization to use the BAccount available in my build?

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@leighandonian96 you can open the report in Acumatica Report designer and change the table there. 


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