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  • 22 January 2021
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Can i check with you all about the account code for “Goods In Transit” 

According the inventory preference as below , there is a accounting setting for “ Goods in Transit”

My question : Is accumatica system can allow more than one of  “good in transit” account code? 

Exmaple: we got 2 category of inventory - 1st is inventory of product a, 2nd inventory of product b 

If we need to create 2 account code of “ goods in transit “ for inventory product a and inventory product b , is it possible?




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It is only possible to do a by a customization, probbably relatively simple. 

Notice that the InReleaseProcess grapgh gets these fields through public properties:

 public class INReleaseProcess : PXGraph<INReleaseProcess>

public Int32? INTransitAcctID
                return insetup.Current.INTransitAcctID;

        public Int32? INTransitSubID
                return insetup.Current.INTransitSubID;



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