Fixed Asset Bar Code Scanning

  • 28 August 2020
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We have a customer with thousands of fixed assets across multiple locations. They have assets tags on all of the items and need a method to perform a phyisical on the assets by location that can be reconcilied to Acumatica Fixed Assets.

Has anyone come across a good third party solution, customization or method within Acumatica for performing a physical on fixed assets using bar code scanners for reconciliation/adjustment to the Acumatica Fixed Assets module?

9 replies

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Hi Joel

Have you found a solution yet?

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@apretorius62 I have not found an integrated solution.  I have come across several external applications for bar code scanning that capture data to a spreadsheet or Google Doc which can then be used to import into a custom table in Acumatica for comparison to Fixed Assets via GI. The customer has pushed pause on the project for now.

Let me know if you come across another solution. 

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Hi @jgress 

Since physical count functionality and the option to manage stock is available with ‘Stock items’ at present, here is just a workaround that came to my mind. 

-Setup stock item ( easy to export asset code from Fixed asset screen, set up an asset class on item class, use an import scenario to import into Stock item screen) for each asset

-Set asset tags as alternate ID (if that is what is mentioned on the barcode which needs to be scanned)

-Setup exclusive locations (warehouse) for use of asset items only

-One can use a Physical count to bring initial quantity to various locations ( zero cost as the entire exercise is to keep track of quantity)

-Set a restriction group for all these stock items to ensure it's not visible to any user on any lookup screens.  Enable access only for the physical count and required user who needs to check the numbers

-Set restriction group to restrict access to the warehouse used for Assets

Hope this may help. 





Long-overdue that Acumatica actually includes this in a release!!


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@vkumar, Thank you for the suggestion.  I like that you are trying to use the existing Acumatica functionality.  It does seem like a lot of effort and additional transactions to validate Fixed Assets.  It also does not update the Fixed Asset for location or existence.  In addition, many customers running Fixed Assets do not have the Inventory module. 

I agree with @Jp89 that this functionality is something Acumatica is long overdue in providing.

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Acumatica delivers features and enhancements according to their priority for the product and the popularity of the idea itself. You may encourage partners and customers who need this to vote for it so it would appear in our roadmap.


Voting is not the only way to go - compare our products to competing products that offer this functionality / feature as a standard already!


Has anyone found a solution for this?

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@mikeranes44,  I spoke with Xtramile Soft about creating a solution.  The customer has not moved forward yet. They will be in the expo at Summit.


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