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  • 7 November 2021
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Hi All

Not sure if anyone know how to define the column C below in RED BOX details

Currently , i would like to create a Balance sheet Report comparative month to month

Example: Balance Sheet Report Comparative  Sept 2021 and Aug 2021

I manage to set for Sept 2021 in column B  , however i am not sure how to set for Aug 2021 in column C , Refer to below in RED BOX highlighted

I tried the formula in  = Format( '{0: MMMM d, yyyy}',Report.GetPeriodEndDate(@StartPeriod,-1)) is not workable.

May i know who can help in this formula?




Best answer by ChandrasekharM 8 November 2021, 08:22

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3 replies

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Hi @erin Please use the formula as shown in the below screenshot.



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Hi @erin  The formula to show the enddate for the next period is 

=Format( '{0: MMMM d, yyyy}', Report.GetPeriodEndDate(Report.FormatPeriod(@StartPeriod, 1)))

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Hi @erin Please find the below screenshot showing the expected result with the above formula.




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