Email Invoices - Not Picking up both emails

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Hello Community,

Have a small issue - when trying to send an AR invoice we have placed 2 email addresses in the Account Email Field under “Additional Account Info”.  The address are separated by a semi colon ;   I cannot change this to a comma, it defaults to a semi.

When sending emails, it will only send to the first email and not both emails.  

I have found a couple similar issues here:


I have looked into both of these solutions, however I’m not sure which BUILD is being referred to in thread one.  

In thread 2 removing the field in the “TO” field results in an error saying there is no Email address to send the notification to. 

Hoping someone may have insight?



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Hello, To add a second email on invoices, go to Mailing and Printing tab of the customer. Click on Invoice line in the first grid.  Click + on the second grid and choose the second person. The second person will need to be added as a contact to the customer, if they are not already in Acumatica as a contact or an employee, etc.


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@laura01 awesome!  That did the trick. I appreciate the quick response!



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I have to ask a follow up question because apparently i’ve been told by our team that the intended functionality (which used to work) was for 2 emails separated by Semi colon in the Additional Info EMAIL field to send to both addresses when initiating emailing of an invoice.  

I even checked the Data Access on that field and this is what Acumatica says:

public abstract class eMail : PX.Data.BQL.BqlString.Field<eMail> { } private string _eMail; /// <summary> /// The email address of the contact. /// </summary> /// <value> /// The field should be a valid email address, or a list of email addresses separated by semicolons. /// The email addresses will be validated with the <see cref="PX.Common.Mail.EmailParser.ParseAddresses(string)"/> method. /// </value>

it seems unecessary to have to click to create a contact, click to add an additional invoice recipient…

My team believes that it’s possible an update to the system changed this functionality.

what is everyone elses experience?  It does not work this way in my Local DEMO Data only sends to the first email address...

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I was helping to solve  your problem in the quickest way, and I can’t answer the rest of your questions. To find out if functionality changed, read the Release Notes that come with Acumatica upgrades. Or open a Ticket with Acumatica support. 

Thank you.

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@laura01 and I appreciate you for that!  Just hoping to see if the community knew the intended functionality.


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Hello, I’ve noticed this as well and the change seemed to occur when upgrading from Acumatica 2020 R1 and Acumatica 2021 R1 (we skipped 2020 R2).  Is there are better resolution to this?  We have notifications using both ((Billing_Contact.Email)) and ((Document.BillContactID.Email)) and both seem to be ignoring any additional email addresses.


The resolution provided above would require editing of hundreds of customer accounts and projects to get everything updated when the information is already in the system and it used to work.

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@meganfriesen37 honestly the only solution is upgrading.  I just tested the functionality in 2022R1 and it works as expected.  it is a known issue in 2021R1. 

We are going to be upgrading at the end of this week.

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I just got a reply from Acumatica support that it’s a known issue in 2021 R1 and it looks like the solution is to upgrade to either 2021R2 or 2022R1.  I clearly wasn’t using the right search terms when searching for this.


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well, I can tell you it works in 2022R1...if that helps at only have 3 more months before 2021R1 is no longer supported…

Not a lot has changed in ACU for us between 2021R1 and 2022R1.  We are a eCommerce company so we are pretty much financials, sales orders & purchasing/inventory.  



Hello!  I realize this thread is a year old, but I thought I’d try my question here since it’s very similar.  I’ve added additional recipients to the MAILING & PRINTING tab of my customers.  When I have an invoice and click on EMAIL, the email goes out to everyone as expected.  HOWEVER, the AR person wants to review the email and make changes before it goes out.  So, I’ve tried using the PRINT » SEND way of sending it out, which is the AR person’s preferred method and is the best workflow, BUT this uses the email section of the report and I cannot find how to add the recipients to the proper address lines (To:, CC:, BCC:).  I hardcode the TO: and BCC: lines, but I really want them to come in from the customer setup.  This also applies to if I click SEND EMAIL and select a template -- I cannot get the addresses in the template. 


I have the same issue as you - we have to use the PRINT - SEND workflow to be able to add an additional file to the email representing supporting detail to the invoice.  I noticed two issues when comparing to the direct click on EMAIL, which picks up the configuration in the Customer record Mailing & Printing Tab:

  1. the notification template used is not the same one 
  2. the distribution list is different (only the billing contact is picked up)

I found another post which explains that this PRINT - SEND workflow picks up the notification template from the Report itself (in this case the AR.30.10.00 Report.)  So that could be fixed by editing the Report in Report Designer.

However when it comes to the distribution list, Acumatica Support has confirmed as follows:

“There are 2 ways in which an invoice can be emailed out.

1) Use the 'Email' action on the invoice. This would utilize the recipients and email template mentioned on the mailing settings specified on the Customer record.

2) Use the 'Print' action to generate the report and then click 'Send'. Unfortunately, it is not possible send the email to the recipient list specified on the Customer record when this method is used.”

Hence I am - and you will be - blocked.  This is an annoying limitation to the system so if anybody from Acumatica is watching, please log the request to upgrade the functionality!

Does the EMAIL option mentioned in line 1) above work for project invoices?  Because it’s not working for mine.  Contract invoices (AR641000) work fine and include all the customer recipients, but PM641000 doesn’t pick them up.


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