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  • 28 August 2023
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Hi everyone,

Several of our main large volume invoice vendors are paid once a month (i.e. 10th of month, 15th of month, end of month). The problem is, they are all paid on the second following month (i.e. Any invoice in January is due March 10th, March 15th, March 31). 

Any suggestions on how to best handle this in Acumatica which only has options for day of next month but nothing for second month.


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4 replies

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Will it work to use Installments that are Split by the Percent in the table, then have 0% due with first installment and 100% due as the second installment? Note the first installment is due 30th of next month. Please test it out as shown below;  hope it works for you:


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Thank you Laura. I tried that but seems to still show the following month (but that might also be just showing the first due date and not the second. Also, run into issue that it doesn’t let me put in a discount which we get in this payment arrangement.



What I have done so far is the following. Problem is that depending on how many days there are in a month, it can fall +/- 1 day of the actual date.


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Correct, Acumatica doesn’t allow discounts with multiple installment terms.



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Thank you Laura. Seems as of right now, my best solution since a discount is required would be the one I came up with unless there is a more exact way to do it through a “custom” option


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