Bank Reconcilation - How to import Bank Transaction

  • 6 November 2020
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Hi Sir

I would like to do bank recon in system. However , i am not able to import the bank transaction that i extract from bank under excel file (refer to below)  Not sure what is the problem? Could anyone give me a guide/step to import/upload the bank statement transaction to system for me to do the bank recon?




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Hello Erin,

Could you please advise, do you use the UPLOAD FILE button?

For more info on how to import transactions from Excel, refer to the To Import a Bank Statement in Excel help article.

For general info on importing transactions, refer to the Importing Transactions help article.

Bank Reconciliation

I am wanted to also import bank file in excel format. I functionally can upload, but I am using a daily transaction file from bank and do not see how they can be matched to the General Journal entries in Acumatica.  

Is it possible to match bank activity to Journal entries (for these particular accounts not using Disbursement or Deposits)

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If your doing bank recon and using EXCEL spreadsheet  then you can’t use UPLOAD button, the upload button uses specific OBX, OFX file formats. If you want to upload via Excel then in the grid area you will see a small arrow facing upwards “Upload file”, use that option and it will upload only the transaction details and you still need to fill the header section of this screen, hope this helps. 

Thank you for your reply.  I understand.  But what I have is a daily transaction report from bank that everyone updates (I added a column to the far right) with the Acumatica GL reference number.

I am trying to take advantage of all the work everyone is doing daily, at the end of month use this to upload for bank reconciliation purposes.  However, in the basic instructions it is asking for specific column reference for Disbursements and Cash Receipts, where as my spreadsheet has everything in the same column.

I was able to import a test file, but after importing I never see the transactions from Acumatica.

Also, should we be able to see General Journal Entries


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