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  • 14 March 2024
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We are working on setting up a vendor EDI integration to received AP Bills into Acumatica. from 810 messages. We are running into some challenges surrounding how to do the 3 way matching when we create the AP Bill prior to the PO Receipt mainly surrounding linking the receipt to the bill and handling 3 way matching for Bills that have multiple receipts. We stumbled on this post and came up with the following options which I have listed the Pros and Cons for. If anyone have any experience with this I would love to hear how you approached this as we are at an impasse on whether or not there should be a technical solution to all of this or if certain scenarios, mainly multiple receipts against a single bill, will have to just be manually handled exceptions

  1. Set the Vendor record to allow Bills prior to Receipt and create the Bill in Acumatica from the 810 and have it sit there to wait for the Receipt. When the receipt comes in we would form the relationship to the bill on the POLine and allow the 3 way match to happen and if is fails have a business event send it through the approval process, if it passes release the bill
    1. Cons
      1. How do we handle multiple receipts against a single Bill?
        1. Our thought is we set up the 3 way match to release any bills where it passes immediately and if the 3 way match fails we hold the bills for a nightly run to give more time to see if other receipts come in for it before sending it to an approval process but we are looking to see if there are any other options out there
      2. Matching the receipt to the Bill – 2 shipments, 2 receipts & 2 bills for same line.
        1. We could set up matching criteria to match based on PO and PO Line number but because each bill will be less than the total receipt on the line, this scenario will result in 3way match fail for both bills
  2. Create a receipt from the 856 prior to having the AP Bill created from the 810. This received would sit in On hold status until the product comes in at which point it is received against the existing Receipt
    1. Cons
      1. This would be a full process change for receiving which we do through our WMS (HighJump) as we currently do not ever receive against existing receipts.
      2. Handling Multiple Receipts against a single bill - see above
  3. Hold the 810 message in our middleware until Acumatica has a receipt and then send the Bill into Acumatica to once the receipt is created.
    1. Cons
      1. The middleware was not designed for this and puts a lot of ownership of error handling on IT as opposed to AP because there is greater chance things get stuck in our middleware
      2. Handling multiple open Bills for the same PO at the same time
      3. Handling Multiple Receipts against a single bill - see above

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