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  • 9 June 2022
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User emailed an Invoice from the Invoices screen and noticed they wanted to make some changes.

I made some minor text changes to the notification template for invoices.

I opened the invoice in the Invoices screen and emailed it a second time to see my changes.

It seems to be using a different template completely the second time as I did not change the subject line, but you can see it is different.  My changes are not in the email.



Below is the notification template I edited.  You can see the subject still says “available for viewing” at the end.  I search “is now available” in templates and do not get any templates related to invoices.

“is now available” is in the top message in the image above.  It is the second email after I made my changes.


So I do not know what template Invoices are using or how to make them use the same template notification ID it was using before.  The one that I edited.





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Check inside the Invoice Form itself. There is some embedded email text in there and unless you specifically reference the email template to use by name it will use what is embedded in the report for emails that are not sent via automation. If you fill in the Template ID field it will use your notification template. 



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Thank you for this question and answer!

You mention that I can fill in the Template ID in Report Designer and it’ll use the Notification Template instead of the email text embedded in the report file (at least, that’s how I read what was written).  I tried entering InvoiceNotification in that field, but it still ignores it.  I put single quotes around it, an equal sign, nothing, all kinds of combos, but I can’t get it to use that Notification Template.  Has anyone been successful w this?  If so, can you please share your syntax in the Report Designer field as well as maybe a pic of the Notification Template and its ID field so I can see how they match up?  Appreciate it!

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Hi @bgreene87 ,

Here is an example of settings to reference the notification template.  If you are using the template, be sure to blank the other fields such as Body, Subject and To.


Hope this helps!


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Ah, thank you!  I hadn’t blanked the other email-related fields, as I didn’t want to lose their verbiage in case of wanting to revert back.  I appreciate the screenshot of the TemplateID syntax and will give it a shot!

Thanks so much, Bonni

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That did it!  I’m getting the notification template email now instead of what was in the report designer rpx file.  Thanks Laura!

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Awesome, thanks for this update!  


If you are on the Invoices and Memos window and select an invoice that came from a Project, when you click on EMAIL what “template” does it use?

I’ve modified the PM64100.rpx and see the changes in the printed form, but when I click EMAIL, the body/message of the email is not what I put in the report.  It picks up changes to the CC: and BCC: lines but it doesn’t pickup the Subject or Body lines from the form.

I did the same with AR64100.rpx and it works fine for contract invoices.  I copied the mail settings from this report to the PM64100.rpx report.

The TemplateID field in the report is blank. 

I found out that project invoices use the Project AR Invoice Notification template that is specified in Project Preferences.  When I modify that, I’m able to get what I want.

HOWEVER, it is not filling the recipients that are specified in the customer EMAIL & PRINTING tab.  There is noting in the CC: line of the template or the PM641000.rpx.  This functionality works when printing invoices from contracts or regular AR invoices.


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