How to import snap shot into test tenant

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Can someone tell me  how to import snapshot into our test tenant?  


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Hello @dougmcbride79 ,

Do you want to restore a snapshot of your live tenant over an existing test tenant? Or do you mean import a snapshot from outside the site, such as a training or demo snapshot?

I’m attaching complete steps for creating a Snapshot of Live and restoring the Snapshot in a new empty tenant, such as for Training.

When a Snapshot is restored from an external source, Use Import Snapshot button to import the downloaded Snapshot, then follow instructions from #4 on page 2, through step 7.


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Hi @dougmcbride79 

In Acumatica, we have a screen called "Tenant" (SM203520). On this screen, there's a button labeled "Import Snapshot." This button lets us easily bring in snapshots that we've downloaded or that are available into the system.


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@dougmcbride79 did you take the snapshot in the same instance and wanting to restore in the test tenant? Along with what everyone said above, I recently found out you can restore a snapshot in a different tenant by changing the visibility: 

one the snapshot is created, you can change visibility which will remove the ID from tenant ID: .

then you can switch between tenants, in this case, I am going from Tenant ID 2 to "3”

then you can restore the snapshot that was taken for tenant 2 without having to export/import!



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