Creating a Purchase Order tied to a Blanket Purchase Order from Requisition

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We have a blanket PO for 1000 widgets. 

A requisition is entered for 150 of these widgets. 

We create a purchase order against the requisition for 150 widgets.

Issue: There is no way (I can see) to tie the blanket purchase order to the order just created from the requisition.

Resolution #1: We create the purchase order from the requisition.  Add another line using “ADD BLANKET PO LINE” to mimic the purchase order line detail.  Then delete the purchase order line detail that does not have the blanket PO tied to it.

Resolution #2: We allow the requisitioner to enter in a purchase order but it must be approved.


We were going to have all departments create requisitions for purchases they need.  The purchase order department was going to create the PO’s from these requisitions.  We wanted to do this because we want the “Requistioner” on the printed PO we send out (Resolution #1).  However, maybe we need to allow departments to enter PO’s and go through the approval process.

Anyone have thoughts on a “best way” to do this?

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