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  • 18 January 2024
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When an order is Will Call, the tax calculated should be either the branch or the warehouse. Using an external tax provided and the Common Carrier Checkbox (cleared) on the ship via, it seems to works correctly picking up the warehouse address.


However, if we are using Acumatica sales tax, what is the correct configuration for the sales tax zone to be changed to the branch of the sales order when Will Call is checked?



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7 replies

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It pretty much works the same way, but you need to set your default Tax Zone from the Branches screen under Shipping Instructions.  

If it’s will call it will calculate the Tax Zone, assuming the Tax Zone on the customer record is Blank and the tax zones geography is setup.   

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One benefit with Acumatica is that it works even if the Ship Via field is blank.  I’ve seen the ship to address used when Ship Via was empty and will call was checked with a tax integration. I think the tax integration was using the isCommonCarrier field instead of the WillCall Check box.  

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Thank you for your responses.  I do have the branch default tax zone.  However, I don’t have the zone blank on customers.  I would expect the zone on the sales order/invoice to ‘flip’ to the branch’s tax zone when the ship via is blank and/or the will call check box is checked.  Is this the correct expectation?

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Yes, it’ll just flip, you can see it right after changing your ShipVia. 

The Customer or Customer Location can have a Tax Zone set by default in situations the Zone is automatically being assigned incorrectly, for example if they are in the unincorporated portion of a Zip code and you are using Zip5 instead of Zip9 for Zones.  Or if you just don’t have a zone configured for their Zip to auto assign.  

You may need to edit the customer class to allow blank Tax Zones.

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Hi all..thank you for your responses.  I have confirmed with Acumatica Support that the only way to get the tax to change automatically for Will Call is to have an integration with a tax provider such as Avalara.  I will submit this as a feature enhancement request.

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It works just fine for me with no Tax Integration, it even works faster than with an external integration.  Immediately changes after changing the Ship Via, even without saving.  

Will Call:


Non Will Call:



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Some more details on how to set it up:

They don’t make it clear, but it does work:



1: Configure a Tax Zone with geography for your Branch Address. This can be Zip Code or State for example.  

2: Set the default Tax Zone of your Branch in the Branches Screen

3: Uncheck the Require Tax Zone box on the Customer Class

4: Setup a customer and clear the Tax Zone. Give them an address outside your Branch Geography. 

5: Set a Tax Zone with geography for the customer address you are shipping to.  

6: Configure at least 2 Taxes with different tax rates. 

7: Assign the 1 tax rate to each Zone.  

8: Assing a Tax Category to your Taxes. 

9: Set up at least one Ship Via with the Common Carrier Check Box selected. 


To Test it:

Create a Sales Order, add an item with the tax Category.  


Go to the financial tab.  


Set the order to use the Ship Via created above, exit that field. You should see taxes calculated under totals. Then clear the Ship Via and you will see the Tax Zone change and the taxes recalculate instantly. No need to save like with external tax providers. 


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