Unit of Measure Defaulting Rules (i.e. global UOM, item class, etc) - Can we have global conversions for basic measures (i.e. meters to feet, lbs to kg, etc)

  • 21 February 2022
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I have been playing with the defaulting rules in Acumatica for Units of Measure. You can set global Units of Measure on the Units of Measure Form (CS203100). You can also set Units of Measure for item classes in the Item Classes screen (IN201000).

In either case, it seems like the only way to have these units of measure appear for a given item in a Sales Order is to actually add that Unit of Measure to that individual item’s unit of measure conversion rules (the conversion rules will be defaulted per the above, with any item level relationship taking precedence over any item class relationship and with any item class relationship taking precedence over any global relationship.

However, what I haven’t been able to figure out how to do is to say “for every item in this item class, have a conversion from feet to meters, so that we can quote the item in both feet and meters. This relationship will always be 1 foot = .3048 meters, so let’s apply that to every item where we want this relationship.”

Instead, it seems we have to add the foot to meter conversion to every item individually (where it will then adopt the global 1 foot = .3048 meters relationship so it doesn’t have to be filled in).

Am I correct in thinking this? Or is there some way to say that for a given class of items, always present the option to convert from feet to meters when you are working with that item in a sales order?


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