Subitems to be phased out. Anything to replace the feature in the pipeline?

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With the Subitems feature being phased out, is there anything in the product pipeline to replace this loss?

Primarily our manufacturing customers are looking for Revision tracking at the stock item level.




Best answer by Dana Moffat 13 February 2023, 15:07

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Hi @clancour ,

I’ve heard that ICAN Software Solutions is developing a parent/child item add-in for Acumatica based off a customization they did for a company needing revision tracking at the stock item level.  Reach out to at ICAN Software Solutions to see where they are in terms of getting that product ready for sale on the marketplace.


David Eichner, CPA

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Item Revisions is on the Product Backlog and we are gathering requirements for this.  At Acumatica Summit, there was a Focus Group dedicated to this topic.  Chad, if you would like to meet with us to include your thoughts, we can send you proposed date/times to meet virtually.  -Dana


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Thx for the feedback.


Hey @Dana Moffat 

It would not hurt to share my current clients long term needs. 

Yes please, let’s get together.


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Hi @clancour , i just sent you some proposed date/times for us to get together to discuss.


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Any word on the subitems and the potential replacement? Matrix Items is not a 1-1 replacement. Not to mention all of the data that is on Open SO’s PO’s as well as history. They whole idea behind it was the ability to not need to set up all the combinations of types.

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Hi @maichinger ,

Thank you for your post.

Your team members had reached out to the Acumatica Product Team directly earlier this week and included you in the email.  We have offered to setup a call with your team to understand any issues or concerns.



cc @Debbie Baldwin 



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Any updates on this query as we in a similar situation with a client using sub items but wanting to use the manufacturing module as well. We would need to convert form sub-items to matrix items

Well we have decided to write our own extension of stock items to handle stock item revisions. Its quite complex as our customers need to track stock levels, costs and locations by revision. Its almost like having a new stock item for each revision.

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I’m interested in this as well. Is there anything on the road map?

@Dana Moffat Hello Dana, would you have any update on this feature. Is it on the roadmap and when can we expect a release ?

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Thank you for commenting on this post.  There is also an idea that you may wish to contribute to or vote for on Community.  This item is on the Product Backlog in the requirements gathering stage.



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