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  • 14 June 2021
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I have a customer who wants to see a report or inquiry on stock item usage over time.

I don’t see a canned report/inquiry and I could create one, but I thought I would ask the group if they know of one before going down that path.



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Hi Donna,

If you refer to stock historical transaction you can see Inventory Transaction History inquiry to find the usage. If you refer to dead stock functionality that would be available in 2021R1.

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Thank you! That’s a great tool for looking at individual transactions.

Is there any tool that groups usage into time intervals (i.e. usage per week/month)?


See my request for an Inventory Aging Report, which is widely used to see usage (i.e. fast and slow moving inventory)

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There are tables/DACs you can use to create a GI/report of usage:

  • INItemSalesHist - sales activity by period
  • INItemSiteHist - all inventory activity by site,location, period.
  • INItemSiteHistD - all inventory activity by site, day; DAC is INItemSiteHistDay or INItemSiteHistDay.  this would work well in a Pivot Table because it has the day.
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Here is an example of the raw data from the 2021R1 sales demo.  It should work in any version of Acumatica.

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Thank you! That’s the information I was looking for!

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Do you know how in the heck I download your xml file, all I can do is open it?

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Apologies @asmith50 but there seems to be an issue with the file @dennisgodsill36 attached. Hopefully the see this post and can upload the file again.

Hi all,

Fixed the file and got it to work.

Hope this helps.

I included the txt version for downloading, just remember to change the file type to xml.

Thanks for all the leg work Dennis!



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