Ship more than the order, but update inventory accordingly?

  • 12 May 2023
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Ill get straight to the point with an example. (Totally made up for simplistic purposes.)


Somebody orders ten 6 packs of Peeps. 

They are $5. Order total $50.

We charge them $50. 

But we are out of 6 packs, so at no extra charge, we send them ten 8 packs. 


We process the order as the 6 packs they ordered, But we want to keep the 6 packs at 0 in inventory, and deduct 10 from the  8 packs.


Is there a simple way to handle this?


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HI @DogeMoonRocket 

Here is how you possibly can handle that:

  1. Make sure you have the item class to Allow Negative Qty
  1. On the Sales Order Preferences, Check Add Zero Lines for Items Not in Stock
  1. Here is my SO, the 6Peep has 0 on Hand, 8Peep has 100. I marked the 8Peep as a Free Item also so there was no charge to the customer. 
  1. Create the Shipment, you can add 10 to the 6Peep and it will give you the warning that it will go negative though
  1. Process as a normal shipment
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Turning on the allow negative option should only be done if deemed extremely necessary - careful consideration should be made before configuring your system in that manner.

I think you should do an inventory issue of the 8 pack to get it out of inventory, and then turn around and do an inventory receipt of a 6 pack and the remaining 2.

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You could manually adjust the inventory after the fact but there will be no direct link the sales order.  Without using Negative inventory above as Kandy described, I would be inclined to change the sales order to reflect what was actually shipped by adding the 10 8-packs, change the price of the 8-packs so the extended price is $50 and mark the 10 6-packs as completed (don’t delete it!).  Then process the shipment as you normally would.  Hope this helps.




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