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  • 21 July 2020
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I am looking for a good solution to verify special order items are correct.  We do a lot of special orders where we buy items only after a customer places an order.  After receiving the PO, we put them into a single Special Order bin.  We can link the PO to the sales order so it automatically allocates.  The problem is when the shipment is created, the quantities are automatically allocated and therefore don’t require scanning.  Many of our items look similar so it is easy for someone to grab the wrong item.  Anyone have a good solution?


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3 replies

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There are a few things that come to my mind.   1. Maybe use of quality control process where you would scan certain order (in this case special orders) a second time as a QC check  2. how do you know what items go in what box if they are special orders? perhaps scanning as part of packing in additions to current scans that are for allocating.

I know we did a customization for someone that allowed them to scan post packing for carrier pickup (we call them load documents).  I will check into this more to see if this could be revised for either of the two above.

Let me know what your thoughts are on packing process vs QC scan of existing items in boxes already.

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Pick Pack and Ship would be a good option to consider. If “Use Default Lot/Serial Nbr” preference is unchecked on the SO Preferences, users will be forced to scan the Shipment #, items and the Lot/Serial # when adding the shipment to the box and confirming it. It will also error if a wrong serial number is scanned.

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Thank you Anand!  I just tested in 20R1 and the special orders scan just like we want in pick, pack, and ship.  We are working with you guys on removing the need to scan item codes for serialized products within pick, pack, and ship and then it will be perfect!  Very exciting!!!   Thank you again.


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