Purchase Order won't move to closed status

  • 5 June 2023
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I have a purchase order that I cannot get to move from the completed to closed status. This PO has two prepayments tied to it, both of the payments are used in full against a bill that has multiple receipts. The issue seems to stem from the fact that the freight cost line (which is manually added) still has an unbilled balance on it.


Our vendor provided a total cost of $8050 for freight ahead of time; however, this freight was received partially several times as multiple shipments came in. This appears to make the PO think there there are still unbilled amounts, and therefore will not move it to the closed status (even though the other receipts contain the balance). I tried to check the closed box on the PO line manually but I am unable to do so.


Any ideas on how to handle this?



5 replies

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HI @caseyh35 

On the Purchase Order, are all the check boxes for Complete marked?


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Also, what is the status of all the bills attached to that Purchase Order?

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Hi @caseyh35 along with what Kandy said, if you can’t make any changes, see if you can put the PO back on hold status:


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Hi @kandybeatty49 thanks for the quick reply


All PO lines are marked as completed, all except the freight line are marked closed as well (I am unable to manually mark it closed.)


The related receipts are all released, and the bill is marked as closed. I think the issue with the bill is that some of the freight lines are not tied to the PO (it just shows blank in the PO reference field). There has to be a way to get this thing closed though, right?!

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Hi @caseyh35 along with what Kandy said, if you can’t make any changes, see if you can put the PO back on hold status:


Hi Esteban,


Yes, I am aware of the PO status affecting actions. With it on hold I simply cannot select the closed box, hence my issue here.


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