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  • 20 December 2023
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I am having an issue with the replenishment report not working all of the time.  One day the items show to reorder, and the next they do not.  Here are screen shots of what I am seeing.  


From this screen shot you can see that some of these items should come up on my reorder report, and they did yesterday.  Today I am getting ready to order these items.  And this is what I see now.  

You can see that they should still be there based on the parameters.  However they do not show up today.  I am not sure why it has changed.  We have not made any changes to the items.  If someone can explain that would be very appreciated.

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Hello @kbuelow ,

Is it possible that the first screen shot had the filters completed differently (Different Warehouse, different vendor, ‘Suggested only’ not clicked)?

Is it possible the items were ordered since yesterday by another staff member?

Is it possible the items were returned to stock from a customer?

You state the items did not change. Is it possible another contributing attribute/configuration changed, such as Seasonality or Item Warehouse Details screen?



Hello Laura, 

Thank you for the suggestions.  I had looked at those as well.  The only things that were changed were to select suggested items versus all items for the vendor.  I did double check the other settings, and they are still setup as (NONE) Seasonality, same as before, Warehouse details have not changed.  And from the first screen shot they are still showing as needing to be ordered.   But do not come up under the suggested.  But yesterday they did.  


Thank you,


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Hi @kbuelow 

Have you calculated replenishment parameters before you run the report?

Hello Kandy,

Thank you for the response.   I have not calculated the replenishment parameters.  I was under the impression that as long as I have the parameters set before hand, and do not need to make any changes to those parameters, I would not have to run that.  We have only been on the software for 4 months, and do not have enough data we feel to utilize that feature yet.  We will utilize that starting after 6 months.  I have not had to run this before for the prepare replenishment to show me what we need.  It appears to have change overnight.  But I do not know what would have changed.  Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Thank you,


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Hi @kbuelow 

There may be processes on an automation schedule that is running at night and calculating the replenishment. 

Here is the actual process before you prepare the replenishment:

Process Overview

In this activity, you will do the following:

  1. On the Replenishment Seasonality (IN206600) form, create the HIGHSEASON replenishment seasonality.
  2. On the Stock Items (IN202500) form, specify the replenishment settings for the ORANGES stock item.
  3. On the Calculate Replenishment Parameters (IN508500) form, calculate the replenishment parameters for the ORANGES stock item in the WHOLESALE warehouse.
  4. On the Apply Replenishment Parameters (IN509500) form, apply the calculated parameters to the ORANGES stock item in the WHOLESALE warehouse.

Also, I would say that maybe you do not have enough data with only being live 4 months on Acumatica. What is the period to analyze  and the Forecast Period Type on the Stock Items? 


Hello Kandy,

Thank you for this response.  This almost makes sense to me. 

I do not have a seasonality on these products, as they sell really well all year long. 

On the Stock Item I have it set as the following.  

I think this is correct, however when my Quantity dropped below the reorder point.  It did not show up on my prepare replenishment report to order.  

 I actually have not calculated the replenishment yet, as we are waiting on more data.  I am hoping to be able to do this within the next couple of months.  But the question I have is why with my item setup like the Stock Item example I have above, does it not show up in my prepare replenishment report when it goes below the Reorder point.  What is really weird about this, is that it was working one day and then the next it quit working.  I have been noticing this with more and more items as I go along.  Is this because I have the Forecast setup to look at the 12 months to determine when we should be reordering?  Does that take precedence over my order points?  Let me know if you have an answer as to why it would be working one day and then stop working, even though the setup has not changed.  


Thank you,



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