Price maintenance on FIFO negotiated item.

  • 14 April 2022
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       We are having some negotiated items with customer, which we markup fixed amount based on cost.
Like Item A,  FIFO, fixed markup amount $ 5 per case

       First Purchase,   $20 per case, then we sell $25 per case
       second purchase, $30 per case , then we sell $35 per case.

Supposing we are having 100 cases $20 item A and 400 cases $30 cases item A.

The perfect solution we are seeking for:  is it possible that,  after the 100 cases of $20 be sold out, then the sales price automatically jump up to $35.

If this is not possible right now. Is there a way that can automatically reminder the human that the 100 cases of old inventory be sold out, you have to update the price.

Please advise. Thank you.

5 replies

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Yes, try Minimum Markup % on the Stock Items screen, Price/Cost tab, to remind the humans. 😉



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Yes, try Minimum Markup % on the Stock Items screen, Price/Cost tab, to remind the humans. 😉



Thank you for your reply, however
1, this minimum markup is by percentage not by amount
2, MOST OF ALL,  minimum check on SOLine is based on AVG cost, not based on cost layer.

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Hi @ray20 

I don't seen an out of the box option that enables setting the price per purchase or per quantity. To remind the user probably one can setup a business event based notification to the user. Set a business event to trigger based on a GI. You need to create a GI to pull the sales quantity for required item and date range. 

You may post feature request with the pricing requirement mentioned as well (


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Hello, Thank you for your confrimation from the official aspect.
I was thinking of GI before, however,
Please refer to below


1, Business events do not support generic inquiries that have grouping specified on the Grouping tab. I did like to group to sales qty, but it is not working.
2, I also tried INItemsaleshis_FinYtdQTYSales , it is not working.

I did not try “dirty hacks” method suggested by Irina.  I prefer the less codes, the better. I prefer just use what Acumatica existed tools (GI, BE) can provide, with no customization codes.

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Any new ideas?


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