Need to print GS1 data matrix barcodes from Acumatica

  • 16 February 2021
  • 9 replies

We have a customer that requires the use of data matrix barcodes containing multiple pieces of data (Item barcode and serial number). The Acumatica WMS will read this type of 2D barcode, but we are not able to print them in order to label items.

What solutions or ISVs are available to allow us to print the product labels?

9 replies

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Report Designer already supports QR Codes, which is different 2D barcode format.  Would love to see Datamatrix and especially GS1 formats added in the future!  Meagan, you might want to add this as an ‘Idea’ topic...although there is one requesting Datamatrix that’s 6 years old. 

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@meagan59 if your goal is to print the GS1 labels to a label printer, you could have a sample customization built that generates the ZPL (Zebra Printing Language) code and sends it directly to your printer through Acumatica DeviceHub. 

There is lots of documentation online on how to print GS1 DataMatrix in ZPL (ex:… it’s only one piece of the puzzle but it seems like something that could be implemented quite rapidly

Thank you Gabriel. I don’t believe our client is using a Zebra printer to create the item labels. Would that cause an issue with this solution option?

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In theory this could be done using report designer and sent to the printer as a PDF. We are in the process of building a customization for this exact issue at the moment. Ultimately we are hoping that the Acumatica WMS will incorporate the ability to have a unique identifier for SKU+Serial number. This would allow single scan functionality rather than the need to use QR codes with carriage returns. 

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@meagan59 the ZPL language is supported by many label printer vendors. If you want to print to a laser printer, the solution I offered won’t work, unfortunately...

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Hi Meagan, 
I recommend checking out eFORMz, a robust forms and label generation tool. Minisoft’s eFORMz is an Acumatica certified application that can be utilized to generate any 1D or 2D barcode. This includes GS1 data matrix labels. 
The marketplace listing can be found here → eFormz - Marketplace | Acumatica Cloud ERP


@meagan59 @Gabriel Michaud 

Hi guys,

I recommend checking out Asgard Labels, the most comprehensive solution for Acumatica.  Directly integrated into Acumatica, no developer needed, we support all barcodes supported by Zebra printers as well as other printing languages.  Check out our solution here → Asgard Labels

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Hey @Stéphane Bélanger Asgrd Labels looks really promising. Is this a new solution? Could we test it out?


Yes it is a new solution.  Let’s discuss your needs, write to me at



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